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that Gets You More Customers

Whether you’re a local business or an eCommerce one, I help you grow your business with powerful Google Advertising services on-budget.

One sure shot way to see potential customers coming to your website is Google Advertising. With Google Ads, you can reach everywhere from search results to the websites your potential customers are visiting.

I create a data-driven Google Advertising strategy considering your industry, business vertical, audience, and interests. Everything from creating creative ad copies, selecting the right keywords to suggesting the layout of your website landing page is what I excel at to make sure customers place an inquiry or buy a product straight away.

Google Search Advertising

People searching for particular products on Google are most likely to make a purchase. They hardly go down through the first scroll of the Google screen. They might be your potential customers, which you may lose if you’re not present on the first fold. I help you reach that spot and maintain it for years with my Google Search Advertising services.

Text Ads

I help you promote your products/services on Google Search using a text-only Google Search ad at the right time on the right device

Call Ads

My strategically created Google call ad campaigns encourage your potential customers to call you for their buying requirements directly

Dynamic Ads

I create Google dynamic ads that change their content to match the different buying needs of your potential customers as per their interests/behavior

Responsive Ads

Irrespective of the device or site your customer visits, my responsive Google ads adjust their sizes & shapes accordingly

Google Display Advertising

People browse hundreds of web pages, YouTube videos, and apps in a day. Google Display Advertising allows me to help your business ads reach every site your audience visits, including News sites, Google sites, blog sites, and apps within the Google Display Network. Promote your brand, build brand reputation, and increase sales with my Google Display Advertising services.

Google Remarketing Ads

My fail-proof remarketing ad campaign reminds your site or app visitors about your brand and persuades them to purchase, through emails

Google Retargeting Ads

With Google retargeting ads, I help you generate more sales with the help of various retargeting tactics for past & new site visitors

Interest Marketing Ads

I research and analyze the interests of your potential buyers and target them with relevant messaging to inspire them to place an inquiry

Placement Marketing Ads

Based on your audience & their interests, I help you choose the right ad placements to see better ROI on your ad investments

Google Shopping Ads

Google offers a new way for retail as well as eCommerce businesses to show off their products. Leveraging the power of Google, I help you set up your Google Merchant Center account where you list your products just like you would do in your online store.

With a perfectly set-up Google Merchant Center, I create Google Shopping ad campaigns that display your products to your potential buyers. Based on your ad campaigns' performance analysis, I optimize the campaigns for more leads, sales, and website traffic.

Video Advertising

Video has the power to take your business to millions and billions of audiences by promoting it on the right platforms at the right times. With a powerful video ad campaign, you get a brilliant opportunity to connect and engage with your audience and inspire them to buy your products/services.

Considering your audience, their interests, past browsing behavior, and location, I assist you in creating beautiful ad copies that boost your brand reputation, website traffic, and conversions. With constant monitoring, I optimize video advertising campaigns to derive more value in predefined budgets.

Mobile App Promotion

Google Play app store has 2.55 million Android mobile apps, and Apple Store has 1.8 million iOS apps as of 2020. The numbers are increasing, and so is the competition for every other app entering these app stores. To stay ahead of all your competitors, you need mobile app marketing services.

Mobile app promotions done with the right strategy and execution take you ahead of your competitors, driving amazing downloads. My intelligent mobile app marketing plan drives better brand visibility, improved reviews/ratings, and more conversions.

See 5x growth in incoming leads YoY with my Google Advertising Services

Why should you invest in Google Advertising?

Leverage Google’s massive reach

Google processes more than 3.5 billion searches per day. Showcase your products/services when your buyers search for them on Google with Google Ads.

Target only the right customers

Google Adwords allows us to target audiences based on their interests, recent interaction with your site, locations & more. We get an opportunity to target only relevant people.

Bring customers faster

We all know SEO is a long process, and it takes longer to get customers. With Google Ads, I research, analyze & plan the campaigns, create ad copies, finalize the budget & there you go.

Increase brand awareness

With Google Adwords, I can set up campaigns to attract new people similar to your customers. This increases not only your brand awareness but also the probability of conversions.

Reach to the inbox of your audience

Google Adwords enables us to create advertising campaigns that reach to the Gmail of your potential customers. Don’t forget- email is one of the top ways to drive business.

Engage with your audience

With different Google ad campaigns, you get a chance to engage with your target audience. You can provide value to them by providing them relevant information about your business.

Control your costs & budget

Google Adwords provides detailed reports on what works and what doesn’t for your business. Monitoring the data, I optimize the ad campaigns that help you control the cost you invest here.

Maximize ROI

The right approach and process help me derive the best results on the investments you make in paid campaigns. That’s the reason why my clients increase their budgets in this, YoY.

My Google Advertising Process

Complete understanding of your products/services

Detailed analysis of what your competitors do

Deciding the budget for different campaigns

Setting up the campaigns & their KPIs

Generating reports

Optimizing the campaigns daily

Analyzing performance

Designing ad copies

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Google Advertising

The number of leads you get with Google Advertising differs based on business, budget, industry, and competition. Based on my research, analysis, and trial campaign, I can assure you of the minimum number of leads you’ll get.

Your Google Ads may appear on Google Search Result Pages (SERPs) or Google’s partner websites based on the type of advertising, competition, and budget you choose. For example, if the competition is super-high, and we bid more than your competitors, we reach the top of the Google SERPs. With this, your potential customers chose us on top of your competitors when they search for our products/services.

I daily monitor how your Google ad campaigns are working and optimize them regularly. With better optimization strategies, I help you spend wisely on the platforms and types of ads that generate the highest results.

Allow me to look into Google Analytics to analyze whether my advertising services can improve your current website traffic. After a complete audit, I shall suggest a few changes that help me create better ad campaigns for your business.

I use Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Keywords Tool, Google Tag Manager.

The cost of my Google ad management services depends on your revenue goals and campaigns we set up. Your revenue goals help us together decide a budget to achieve those goals using Google advertising services.

Yes! I share reports on a weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly basis.

Turn your visitors into customers with my data-driven Google Advertising campaigns.

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When I add my PPC efforts with SEO, you start seeing results much faster. It’s all about how I plan to make this happen.


Reach your target audience in their inboxes with my strategically created email advertising campaigns to generate concrete inquiries.


"Hemali’s advertising knowledge and strategies helps businesses with great results. Her experience working with various industries makes a huge difference. I definitely recommend her for the businesses looking for long-term results."
himani kankaria
Ecommerce & Digital Marketing Consultant
"For our business, Hemali strategized & implemented some Google ads campaigns and we received high-quality business inquiries. Her attention-to-detail approach and expertise help us reduce the cost of acquiring new customers. I highly recommend her for Google Advertising services."
Chirag Bhatt
"We’ve worked with various people for advertising but we’ve found Hemali helps us generate orders for our products at less cost. For a few years we’ve been working with her and she is a great choice if you don’t want to hire anybody in-house and still generate business through ads."
Manish Mishra